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the bucket into which all things must fall.

Life speeds by…

1. Franny and I got a pair of iPhones. Oh so wonderful, and quietly fits in a pocket. Now I can annoy people with all of my Isaiah pics and having internet wherever we are has changed a lot of … Continue reading

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More Isaiah

More Isaiah photos are up! Of course, the sheer amount of photos/videos we take of him implies 1 of 2 things: (1) he will be over-represented in the family archives, or (2) we will have to set ourselves quotas for … Continue reading

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Isaiah Joseph Murray

Say hello to Isaiah Joseph Murray, our new baby boy! Vital stats: 9lbs 10.4oz, 22″, born 4/20 at 11:45pm. Franny did this au natural, which was impressive (and fast – only 45 minutes of pushing – she was a rockstar!) … Continue reading

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MacBooks and Techshell Covers

Francesca and I splurged – new MacBooks! This is our last capital expenditure prior to the baby’s arrival – Franny’s laptop (Sony P.O.S.) was dying its final death, and my Dell 700m, which was a trooper, was killing my hands … Continue reading

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Keep Those Bad Spirits Away!

Tijan gave our baby-to-be a cool bracelet – it is from Senegal, and helps keep those bad spirits away. We like it, and thought we’d share: Update: switching over to Flickr, until then photos unavailable

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New Year’s Update

So it has been a while since I posted … have been very busy with doodleboard since the “Mid-Summer Update” post. Check the site out – it is very cool. Tijan and I have been pushing very hard, proved the … Continue reading

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Mid-Summer Update

It has been a busy and somewhat stressful summer.  Having fun, but working very hard trying to get a few ideas moving.  The information market research was intereting, but took a lot of attention.  GroupCredit has been fun but hard … Continue reading

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Goodbye Goldie and OJ

We grieve for the loss of our two good friends and goldfish – OJ and Goldie. OJ died on the first true hot day of this summer, and Goldie followed him a few days later. These fish were centerpieces at … Continue reading

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Still sketching during classes…

So it turns out that I still sketch while I’m thinking, during classes, etc. And thus I present the fruits of today’s labor.

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Christmas 2005; Family Photos, Pop-Art

Christmas has come and gone again. Time is flying. Anyhow, Family Photos are available. I also made pop-art images of various family members, including my beloved and now dead (except Basil, far right) cats: More pop art: Moyse family, Murray … Continue reading

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