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Simple, unoriginal thought

I am rediscovering the world. Through Isaiah’s eyes. Do you remember the smell of grass, the feel of digging in dirt, the wiggle of an earthworm? Do you remember playing despite cold? When was the last time you were happily … Continue reading

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Quaker thoughts

I was raised Quaker. Quakers sit in silent worship, communing directly with God. We believe that if you listen God will speak, and help guide you in life. I love the philosopy, open-mindedness, and quiet of the Quakers. Moreso, I … Continue reading

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Comic Life, Where Have You Been?

Franny and I just discovered Comic Life, which came bundled on our new MacBooks. For those not in the know, it is a brilliant application that makes it easy to compile photos and more into comic strips, complete with word … Continue reading

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Keep Those Bad Spirits Away!

Tijan gave our baby-to-be a cool bracelet – it is from Senegal, and helps keep those bad spirits away. We like it, and thought we’d share: Update: switching over to Flickr, until then photos unavailable

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New Year’s Update

So it has been a while since I posted … have been very busy with doodleboard since the “Mid-Summer Update” post. Check the site out – it is very cool. Tijan and I have been pushing very hard, proved the … Continue reading

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Shirley Bell Designs

My neighbor Shirley Bell is a wonderful watercolor artist, and I just completed overseeing her first foray into the world of the web.  You can see some of her artwork at Just thought I’d share! Some samples of her … Continue reading

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Goodbye Goldie and OJ

We grieve for the loss of our two good friends and goldfish – OJ and Goldie. OJ died on the first true hot day of this summer, and Goldie followed him a few days later. These fish were centerpieces at … Continue reading

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Christmas 2005; Family Photos, Pop-Art

Christmas has come and gone again. Time is flying. Anyhow, Family Photos are available. I also made pop-art images of various family members, including my beloved and now dead (except Basil, far right) cats: More pop art: Moyse family, Murray … Continue reading

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Francesca Moyse and I were married on August 21, 2004, with the help of many of our friends and family. The most important and wonderful thing that has ever happened to me! We just spent two weeks in Kauai, photos … Continue reading

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