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Franny launched Monkey Analytics

My wife and my buddy have been working on Monkey Analytics – a fantastic web startup, which they just launched.  Go Team Rocket Monkey!  Next step for them is sales and marketing, so I thought I’d share some link love. … Continue reading

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Gabriel Moyse Murray

Say hello to Gabriel Moyse Murray, our second baby boy! Vital stats: 8lbs 10oz, 22″, born 4/20 at 11:45pm. Franny did this au natural once again, which was impressive (and fast, again – only 10ish minutes of pushing – she … Continue reading

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Need a Luo language guide?

Look no further! My sister and brother-in-law have published one on their family website. So next time you need to bone up on your Luo, check it out here: Lou language guide.

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Confession: data backups

I have been burned before. Hard drives die, data gets lost. This has been painful, especially for me (a data pack-rat). My goal has always been to preserve every digital item I’ve created – I have all email ever sent … Continue reading

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Even Apple fails the test

Apple is held up as user friendly and simple. In many ways it is. However even Apple fails the test when it comes to abstracting technological underpinnings from the user. I love my iPhone, but frequently am unable to take … Continue reading

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Technology has far to go

Technology still sucks a lot. This is probably obvious to everyone, but as a technologist, I know exactly where the failings are and get more frustrated than the average person. Sure, you get annoyed when your wireless network doesn’t just … Continue reading

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Ninja baby

Where do you stand on Ninjas vs. Pirates? Isaiah knows ninjas have the upper hand, and has already started practicing. He was running around outside in his pajamas, picked up a stick, and I snapped these shots with my iPhone. … Continue reading

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Old Isaiah photos

Catching up with untagged photos. Check out these silly photos from Photo Booth. Isaiah was so small! Crazy. Links: photo album, slideshow.

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New Isaiah photos

Isaiah is very proud of having his own laptop. (I picked up an OLPC for him off a fellow Googler who was done playing with it). Tonight he sat in my lap while I helped him open it up. He … Continue reading

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Isaiah collage

Check out this collage of Isaiah. It contains all Isaiah photos we have taken to date (about 1,000). It’s generated using the Shape Collage software I recently stumbled upon. This goes into my suite of cool photo tools (which also … Continue reading

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