Some Apple hate

Apple is evil in so many ways. My latest rant regards their chiclet keyboard and the older version of the mighty mouse.  The keyboard comes with a USB extender cord – quite nice, Apple white, etc.  Great.  Except I wanted to use that extender cord for my Apple mouse. Which I cannot do because Apple decided that the extender cord should only ever work for the keyboard, so they added a non-standard groove and pin. WTF! Seriously, it took them extra design, probably cost more, and all it does is prevent people who pay the Apple premium from using their Apple products in any way other than what the Steve intended.

Related chiclet keyboard evil – I have struggled with RSS since college, keeping it under control with good ergonomics, stretching etc. But I love Apple design, so bought two chiclet aluminum keyboards when they came out. A few weeks later my fingers were killing me – because effectively I was smashing my fingers into aluminum. Duh… but still it says something that the good design isn’t effective, just pretty. Dangerous for me in fact given my typing style.

Of course I’m the idiot since I keep buying their stuff.

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