And now some Comcast Hate

Or should I say xfinity hate? Anyhow, got a package from Comcast today via UPS. Open it up, new cable modem. Yay. Instructions say “install this for free from Comcast”. Not trusting them, I call them up and learn that if I did so they’d start charging me $5/month. “But I own my own cable modem, and don’t want to pay you, so please take it back”. 20 minutes later and I am still on hold after jumping back and forth between them and UPS 3x trying to figure out who needs to do what to get rid of this package I didn’t request.

This is a deceptive business practice. Not that I’m surprised, but (a) they were trying to quietly get more money out of me each month, and (b) made no plans for me to easily return this, imposing a cost upon me that I cannot recover. I’m sure if I don’t return it they would bill me for it.

They tried to scare me into installing it too. “Your current modem will stop working at some point, and might start slowing down”. Umm… ok it’s worked fine all along, but maybe there are tech reasons for this. “We cannot tell you when it will stop working, and we cannot warn you ahead of time”. Really? Wow you suck Comcast. If I could I would switch to Fios; my experiences with Verizon were always pretty good in the past.

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