Me == sucker for shiny cars

I have always loved cars. From my first car (1984 Cutlas Supreme) to my first new car (2002 Mazda Protege Sport) to our recent Toyota FJ Cruiser – I just love a nice machine with attractive lines. For me, cars are more than people-moving-vehicles. I realize this isn’t the most logical (or cost effective) attitude, but there ya go.

I’ve had a few dream cars – and ever since driving Pat Shine’s brand new 2002 Audi A4 turbo an A4 has been one of them. Now that I’m a family man, that means A4 Avant (ie wagon). And I just picked one up (used, 40k miles) – beautiful looking black 2007 A4 Avant – 6 speed manual, turbo, quattro (ie all wheel drive). I love the red interior lights (reminds me of my fishing days – red lights maintain night vision) and the power / snappiness of the ride. Here’s the Car and Driver page on this car.

Just like this, but black :-)

Just like this, but black :-)

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