Gabriel Moyse Murray

Say hello to Gabriel Moyse Murray, our second baby boy! Vital stats: 8lbs 10oz, 22″, born 4/20 at 11:45pm. Franny did this au natural once again, which was impressive (and fast, again – only 10ish minutes of pushing – she was a rockstar!) He is huge like his older brother, but totally unique in his own way.

Gabriel means God is my strength, which plays nicely with Isaiah (God is my helper).  We also like the similarity of the short name Gabe with Abe without actually having named a child after ourselves :-) .  We liked Gabriel, but didn’t think we’d get to use the name – we were pretty convinced this was a girl.  Were we surprised when the new baby had boy doo-dads!

Photos are up here: Gabriel at Picasa.

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