Even Apple fails the test

Apple is held up as user friendly and simple. In many ways it is. However even Apple fails the test when it comes to abstracting technological underpinnings from the user. I love my iPhone, but frequently am unable to take photos with it. It tells me “There is not enough room to take additional pictures. Please delete some existing photos.”

The iPhone should free space for me. I should never know this happened. My iPhone knows that it is a cache, not a storage medium. It knows which photos I have saved to my computer and which are unique. It knows which songs I haven’t listened to in months. It could free space, but doesn’t. Apple simplicity for the loss!

In the “unforgivable sin” category: even if I delete a number of photos, my iPhone still claims there is insufficient space! Wait a minute – I know there is more space – I just deleted photos (that thing you told me to do so you would stop complaining!!!) Argh. :-(

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