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Technology has far to go

Technology still sucks a lot. This is probably obvious to everyone, but as a technologist, I know exactly where the failings are and get more frustrated than the average person. Sure, you get annoyed when your wireless network doesn’t just … Continue reading

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Ninja baby

Where do you stand on Ninjas vs. Pirates? Isaiah knows ninjas have the upper hand, and has already started practicing. He was running around outside in his pajamas, picked up a stick, and I snapped these shots with my iPhone. … Continue reading

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Old Isaiah photos

Catching up with untagged photos. Check out these silly photos from Photo Booth. Isaiah was so small! Crazy. Links: photo album, slideshow.

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New Isaiah photos

Isaiah is very proud of having his own laptop. (I picked up an OLPC for him off a fellow Googler who was done playing with it). Tonight he sat in my lap while I helped him open it up. He … Continue reading

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