Feeling Artistic

The art bug has bitten me recently. I don’t know why, but I’ve been on a huge comic kick – reading Scott Pilgrim comics and checking out Bryan Lee O’Malley‘s art archive, reading other Flight comics artists, reading Questionable Content and feeling very jealous of all of these fellow artists who jumped from comic amateur to pro just by going for it.

So I’m drawing again – yay! Check out my first in progress piece in a while below. I have a number of other ideas, and will probably do another mini comic for the nieces and nephews sometime soon. This eats a lot of time though ;-) . But my brain is more creative and happy. Click image for full size, and stay tuned for more artwork! Also, compare this version vs. the earlier – Franny’s shoulder was too high before, and Isaiah needed an outfit. But I lost something in Franny’s smile…

Francesca and Isaiah comic (in progress)

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