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My first launch at Google

Just thought I’d share a personal success: my first launch at Google – mapped web pages! I am only a minor piece of the overall chain, but it has been fun to see it through. Even cooler is the fact … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Isa!

One year ago we welcomed Isaiah into the world. Crazy. Francesca and I have been parents for a year. What a wonderful year! Isaiah is walking, climbing, talking (a little), inquisitive, sensitive, overall a joy. Franny and I have grown … Continue reading

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American Mecca

I am finishing up a week in Orlando. My first, and quite possibly last time here. I had never been to Disney World, nor did I desire to go, not even back in elementary school when seemingly every other child … Continue reading

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My favorite Shirley Bell pieces

I am shamelessly promoting Shirley Bell – these are my two recent favorites – an elegant praying mantis (also on picasa), and a unique and beautiful dragonfly christmas tree (also on picasa). If you aren’t a Shirley Bell Designs fan … Continue reading

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Worry about winning, not stickiness

Winning isn’t about stickiness. Over the long term, the web services that win will be the best, winning by virtue of features and ability to please users. Businesses that try to win by trapping users like flies will lose to … Continue reading

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Decentralizing work

Why do most of us travel to work every day? Why do we work in large boxes removed from nature and family life? Why do we continue to propagate this system? This all goes back to the Jefferson vs. Hamilton … Continue reading

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Images are unhappy today…

Problem – Phanfare is shutting down. This means my images are not loading all the time, as I used them for photo sharing and hosting. (Phanfare isn’t shutting down, they’re just changing business models, and their new model precludes image … Continue reading

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Simple, unoriginal thought

I am rediscovering the world. Through Isaiah’s eyes. Do you remember the smell of grass, the feel of digging in dirt, the wiggle of an earthworm? Do you remember playing despite cold? When was the last time you were happily … Continue reading

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Quaker thoughts

I was raised Quaker. Quakers sit in silent worship, communing directly with God. We believe that if you listen God will speak, and help guide you in life. I love the philosopy, open-mindedness, and quiet of the Quakers. Moreso, I … Continue reading

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Final Version & Art Process

I’ve finished the Francesca and Isaiah piece. Check it out here, or peek at the thumbnail below. I’ve had pieces of this composition floating around in my head for a while – I knew I wanted to draw Franny, even … Continue reading

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