Life speeds by…

1. Franny and I got a pair of iPhones. Oh so wonderful, and quietly fits in a pocket. Now I can annoy people with all of my Isaiah pics ;-) and having internet wherever we are has changed a lot of behaviors. I feel like this is the future ;-) .

2. New car too – Toyota FJ Cruiser. The Jeep wasn’t cutting it with a baby in the back. Crazy thing – gas prices could triple and we’d still save money vs. buying a hybrid 4WD car. Nuts. Come on car companies, give us something better.

3. And as always, lots more Isaiah pics and vids are up. He is huge (23.5 lbs, 31″, 95th percentile all around). Almost walking, says Mama, Dada, Up, and lots more sounds. Crawling around like crazy, cruising from one piece of furniture to another, pushing chairs around the kitchen. Check them out.

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