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Isaiah Joseph Murray

Say hello to Isaiah Joseph Murray, our new baby boy! Vital stats: 9lbs 10.4oz, 22″, born 4/20 at 11:45pm. Franny did this au natural, which was impressive (and fast – only 45 minutes of pushing – she was a rockstar!) … Continue reading

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Comic Life, Where Have You Been?

Franny and I just discovered Comic Life, which came bundled on our new MacBooks. For those not in the know, it is a brilliant application that makes it easy to compile photos and more into comic strips, complete with word … Continue reading

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MacBooks and Techshell Covers

Francesca and I splurged – new MacBooks! This is our last capital expenditure prior to the baby’s arrival – Franny’s laptop (Sony P.O.S.) was dying its final death, and my Dell 700m, which was a trooper, was killing my hands … Continue reading

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Keep Those Bad Spirits Away!

Tijan gave our baby-to-be a cool bracelet – it is from Senegal, and helps keep those bad spirits away. We like it, and thought we’d share: Update: switching over to Flickr, until then photos unavailable

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