Mid-Summer Update

It has been a busy and somewhat stressful summer.  Having fun, but working very hard trying to get a few ideas moving.  The information market research was intereting, but took a lot of attention.  GroupCredit has been fun but hard – met with some Venture Capitals who liked the idea, but are worried about the competitive landscape.  We are confident a $1 trillion market has enough room… at any rate, we would need to do a lot more work before we could take funding.  We see GroupCredit as a 5+ year business, and it might not be the right time to pursue that, being in the middle of business school, and at the end of an economic cycle.  We will see.

We have another idea.  It is a big, exciting, fun, idea.  BIG!  And of course, we can’t share it.  But we are working furiously to get talented developers to work with us and make it a reality.  We would want to get this thing built and launched soon.  Like by the end of the year.  We stumbled upon this idea a few weeks into the summer, and have somewhat shifted focus to it for the time being. 

It is hard being creative, having all these ideas, knowing that nothing will happen correctly without the proper amount of care and feeding, and thus meaning that you really need to pick one idea and make it work.  When all your ideas are good, you start wishing you had multiple instances of yourself, so you could pursue them all… 

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