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Imagine a world where you could look back into the videos, documents, and images of past generations.  Hundreds of years of a networked world have existed, and your great-great-great-grandparents have been preserved eternally somewhere, accessible to all in the family.  That would be pretty exciting, interesting.
So how does this come to be?  The question is really how to preserve the information – it all exists today.  How do families currently preserve old photographs (which have existed only a few generations now).  Does your family have all of its old histories preserved?  What if it were easier to do so, somehow guaranteed to last.  I don’t know quite how to make this happen, but it excites me.  It could plug into the idea regarding family compounds.
The value of such a place would grow with each successive generation, until at some point, it would be invaluable.  How much would you pay to be able to reach back and see, hear, and experience people who preceded you?

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