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Still sketching during classes…

So it turns out that I still sketch while I’m thinking, during classes, etc. And thus I present the fruits of today’s labor.

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Image Management Screenshots

Following up on our idea for digital image management software, Francesca and I developed an alpha version in Java that allows the user to quickly rename large numbers of photos, adding keyword, title, caption, and date tags, which are then available in the filename as well as the image metadata fields. We are very excited for this, and have been working on organizing our collection of 3,500+ images, as well as scanning many more of the family treasures!
Screenshots with some descriptive text as to how the program works today follow in the post body. Continue reading

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More Image Thoughts…

Imagine a world where you could look back into the videos, documents, and images of past generations.  Hundreds of years of a networked world have existed, and your great-great-great-grandparents have been preserved eternally somewhere, accessible to all in the family.  … Continue reading

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