Digital Family Compound

Along the lines of image management, we started thinking about the fact that our lives are largely captured in the digital domain today, and that our extended family and friends are also at this level. While we are aware of blogs, etc, we felt that a central gathering place for a family (or close social group) could be very powerful – more than a blog, more than a “family website”, this would be a secure digital domain for each family member to use.
Picture this:
  1. I plug in my digital camera, and the pop-up window that downloads the images prompts me to enter the keywords, captions, etc. (easily) that the program above allows.
  2. These images are then automatically uploaded to this digital domain, and the information I added is available as real content.
  3. Simultaneously, others in our group get flagged that new content has been added for all to peruse.
Take this idea beyond image sharing, to documents, family history, videos, artwork, projects, and even simple journals. You get to pick who can see your stuff, and vice versa. This could be extended to Yahoo! / Dashboard / KDE widgets, so people could have little “house” graphics on their desktop for each group member, which would wave little flags or something, alerting users that someone in their social group has just shared something with everyone. Something like the town centers of cute little New England towns, a family compound that contains everything and anything a group might want… still fleshing this out… but definitely feel that the options available today are nowhere near the potential.

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