Distributed Social Group Backups

My friend James Yoneda and I were kicking around an idea relating to distributed p2p backups of your files – synchronizing between computers, i.e. “make my laptop and desktop the same”, backing up to remote locations, i.e. I give James access to my harddrive, he gives me access to his, and we mirror each other’s files. This makes us safer in the event of fire/theft/hardware failure.

On a family/social scale, this would replace the need to continually burn DVDs, etc, if you knew that your data was secure on the hard drives of 10 of your close friends. Disk space is cheap, bandwidth is cheap, and time is expensive. Make this easy and secure, and enjoy.

FolderShare, recently purchased by Microsoft, was starting to do this – but they fell short of their potential. I want it seamless, elegant. Right-click a directory, and be able to select “back this up”. Right-click a file, and be able to select “track changes to this file”… version control. So much potential…

In fact - one could almost pull this together with existing OSS tools (p2p system, subversion/plugins, nice GUI). Too many ideas, not enough time.

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